417Kids is a 501c3 nonprofit organization of volunteer parents. Our goal is to help you find clubs, classes, camps, field trips, and other events in the 417 area.

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Kids in Faith

We are a Christian Homeschool Social group who meet once a week to play and make friends. We will have occasional field trips and other get together through the year.

Group Purpose:
Social,Homeschool Groups

Zookeepers in Training

We are arranging Zookeepers in Training sessions for homeschoolers at the Zoo. This group is to help parents stayed informed.

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417 Kids Fine Arts Club

Join this group for information on 417 Kids Fine Arts Club. We meet once a month and are open to all ages. 

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417 Kids Book Club

This book club meets once a month with the different families taking turns picking the book, leading discussion, and planning an activity.

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High School-Homeschool Creative Arts

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art bringing art education to Missouri: High School homeschooled students are the first to be selected for this pilot program in the state of Missouri.

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Learning As We Grow

We are a social group, for ages 4-10, in the SW Missouri area. We have year round weekly park days, field trips, and playgroups, as well as mom's nights and holiday parties/events. If you'd like to join, or be added to our waiting list once we are full, you can contact me on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/kristibrazileshepherd ) or through the contact form on our website at www.learningaswegrow.webs.com .

Group Purpose:
Co-op,Social,Homeschool Groups

SW Missouri Homeschooled TWEENS Social Group

A group for parents of homeschooled TWEENS (ages 9-12) in the Springfield, MO and surrounding areas to connect and plan social activities. This group is intended to be a place for those kids who feel they are too old for the younger kid social activities but are not quite old enough to hang with the teens. The in-be-TWEEN-ers

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Homeschool Pokemon Tournament

Weekly tournament at Gamemaster at 1439 S. Glenstone from 1pm until approximately 5pm. Players will need a 60-card extended deck (one can be purchased at Gamemaster for $12.99)

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Professor Powers Science Symposium

Professor Powers Science Symposium offers engaging science classes to children and adults several times a month.

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Homeschooled Ozarks Teens (H.O.T.)

A place for homeschooled teenagers in the Springfield, MO area to connect and communicate. Set up social, recreational, and educational meetings, get-togethers, or other activities of interest to you. Share your interests, questions, and information of interest to other homeschoolers. All posts must be rated PG! This site is parent-supervised!

Group Purpose:
Classes,Community Service,Social,Teens,Homeschool Groups

Homeschool Events Springfield Area

This is an inclusive group for posting events, field trips, classes, and play dates for homeschoolers in the Springfield MO area. Groups or individuals are welcome to post their events or just see if anyone is interested.

Group Purpose:
Science,Technology,Engineering,Mathematics,Art,Foreign Language,History,Co-op,Music,Social,Teens,Playdates,PE,Sports,Community Service,Classes,Homeschool Groups

417 Kids Stream Team

We are a Missouri stream team (#4978) doing creek and river clean ups in the Springfield area. Some are homeschooled, some not, all ages. No big commitment, just join in whenever you're free.

Group Purpose:
Science,Social,Community Service